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Christian Häusler

M.Sc. Christian Häusler

Ph.D. student

Research topics:

  • Neurocinematics, the neuroscience of movies
  • Commonalities and individual differences in perception, thinking and feeling (so-called cognitions)

Methodical topics:

  • Imaging of brain activity using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI)
  • Comparison of individual brains and their function in a common, multi-dimensional space (hyperalignment)
  • Multivariate Statistics and Machine Learning

My scientific interest lies in researching psychological processes and their simultaneous brain activity. Participants of our studies watch short videos or a complete feature film while lying in a brain scanner (fMRT). On the one hand, we as humans are similar in that we like watching exciting movies; on the other hand, we differ as individuals in how we see the same movie "with our own eyes". Therefore, I am investigating similarities and individual differences in perception, thinking and feeling of our participants when they are seeing and hearing the movie "Forrest Gump" (see

Hyperalignment is a new, promising method that psychologists and neuroscientists employ to better compare brains of different individuals. Using hyperalignment, I don't compare individual brains in a three-dimensional coordinate system (as we know it from our spatial environment), but in a "multi-dimensional coordinate system of brain activity patterns". At the end of the project, the extensive data of a large reference group of people will allow us to probabilistically predict patterns of brain activity of individuals. Thanks to this prediction, physicians and therapists may be able to diagnose psychological and neurological diseases faster and more precisely than today and thus treat patients more effectively.


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