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Georg von Polier

Dr. Georg von Polier

Postdoctoral Researcher

Research Topics:

  • Neurobiology of attention and behavior disorders
  • Biomarkers in the Diagnosis and Therapy of Psychiatric Diseases

Methodical Topics:

  • Structural and functional imaging in the brain (fMRI)
  • Multivariate Methods & Machine Learning
  • Clinical studies

I am interested in contributing to the further development of psychiatric treatment. To this end, I am trying to develop various biomarkers that improve the diagnosis of attention disorders and other disorders and thus facilitate patients' access to specific treatment. These biomarkers will be developed multimodally using neuropsychology, test psychology, functional imaging or psycholinguistics. I am also working on approaches to develop biomarkers to predict the efficacy of specific treatment approaches. Specifically, a study will develop biomarkers that predict the efficacy of pharmacotherapies for attention disorders.
In addition to my own research projects, I appreciate my work as a scientific mentor, reviewer of various journals (e.g. ECAP, Neuropsychoendocrinology, J Attention Disorders) and as a senior physician in the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry UK Aachen.


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