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Kevin Wischnewski

M.Sc. Kevin Wischnewski

Ph.D. student

Research Topics:

  • Mathematical modeling of nonlinear dynamical systems
  • Simulation and analysis of brain network dynamics

Methodological Topics:

  • Numerical schemes and parameter optimization
  • Model-based approaches to neuroimaging data analytics

The current understanding regarding the mechanisms that underlie complex spatio-temporal patterns of collective neuronal brain activity is still highly fragmented and does not allow for a precise differentiation between individuals on the basis of resting-state brain activity. Although the results from dynamical models built on empirical data already serve as a benchmark during the reconstruction and potential prediction of various kinds of neuronal activity, there is still a lack of effective methods of model validation. As part of my PhD project, we want to incorporate mathematical skills into the exploration of the human brain and regard the collection of efficient methods of parameter optimization as a vital tool to adjust existing models, so that their output is in highest correlation with measured data. We aim at using available resources most effectively in order to enable simulations for large subject cohorts since precise models of neuronal network dynamics of individuals have to be verified on the basis of large-scale simulations. The application of efficient search algorithms exploring complex, high-dimensional parameter spaces during the process of model validation is, in our eyes, an important step towards individualized models and potential parametrizations of inter-individual differences.


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