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Philippe Driessen

B.Sc. Philippe Driessen

Master Student

Research topic:

  • Modeling heterogeneity via Machine- and Deep Learning based approaches in neurodegenerative diseases.

Several disorders, especially brain diseases, are characterized by heterogeneous symptoms and specific imaging. Diseases that are specified by a clinical heterogeneous presentation include neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative disorders. For instance for the Alzheimer’s disease (AD) researchers showed that it is possible to separate the deseased into different subtypes based upon their distribution of neurofibrillary tangles. For the Parkinson’s- and Schizophrenia disease it is possible to obtain certain subtypes by separating symptomatology to discrete symptom domains.

In my research I am trying to address the heterogeneous nature of diseases by applying Machine- and Deep Learning approaches to clinical MRI studies. 

Disentangling this heterogeneous nature of diseases may significantly improve our understanding which can then be used for a more accurate diagnosis,prognosis and eventually to a personalized treatment.


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