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Marisa Heckner

M.Sc. Marisa Heckner

Ph.D. student

Research topic:

  • Cognitive aging
  • Executive functions

Methodological topics:

  • Functional Imaging
  • ALE Meta-Analysis
  • Resting-State Functional Connectivity
  • Voxel-Based Morphometry
  • Meta-Analytic Connectivity Modeling (MACM)
  • Machine Learning

The goal of my research is to gain a better understanding of age-related changes in cognitive functioning. In a recent project I first identified regions consistently affected by cognitive aging through coordinate-based, quantitative meta-analyses. To further investigate these regions from a system perspective I conducted task-dependent and -independent functional connectivity analyses as well as correlations with tasks probing executive functions and functional profiles. Additionally, I am exploring age differences in predicting executive functioning from structural and functional neuroimaging data. In a future project I will investigate neurobiological and lifestyle factors of cognitive decline and persistence across the lifespan.


Institute of Neuroscience and Medicine (INM-7)
52425 Jülich


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