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Nevena Kraljevic

M.Sc. Nevena Kraljevic

Ph.D. student

Research Topics:

  • Cognitive neuroscience
  • Interindividual differences in higher cognitive functions
  • Network-Based Prediction

Methodological Topics:

  • Functional & structural magnetic resonance imaging
  • ALE Meta-Analyses
  • Functional connectivity analyses
  • Machine Learning

The goal of my research is to evaluate and optimize the network-based prediction of different higher cognitive abilities. Predicting individual cognitive abilities from neuroimaging data can yield important insights about generalizable brain–behavior relationships and is a crucial step towards personalized medicine. Network-based prediction uses an a priori defined functional brain network and uses characteristics in this network to predict cognitive abilities. However, the prediction performance of this approach is not yet at the desired level and needs further improvement.

In my PhD, two different ways of canonical network definition influencing predictive performance will be analyzed. This will be done by comparing prediction performance based on meta-analytically derived networks and as well as networks from large individual studies. Further, canonical networks will be “individualized” to accommodate individual-specific spatial network topology and, thereby, possibly improve prediction performance. Moreover, individual network-definition without task-related brain activity data as a data-driven approach will be evolved to enable interpretability.


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