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Robert Langner

Dr. Robert Langner

Leader of the working group "Behavioural Neuroscience"

Research topics:

  • Cognitive neuroscience of attention and action control
  • Interindividual differences in higher cognitive functions

Methodological topics:

  • Experimental psychological paradigms & neuropsychological tests
  • Functional & structural magnetic resonance imaging
  • Meta-analyses of neuroimaging data
  • Functional connectivity analyses

The overall goal of my work is to develop a better understanding of the relationship between cognition, behaviour and brain activity. My work focuses on attention and action control as well as their modulation by energetic state factors, such as fatigue or stress, and by individual trait factors, such as age or expertise. Core questions comprise: How does the interplay of circumscribed brain regions mediate attentional and action-control processes, and how can psychological models of these processes be informed by considering neurobiological variables.


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