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Lisa Mochalski

M.Sc. Lisa Mochalski

Ph.D. student

Research topics:

  • Inter-individual differences
  • Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI)

Methodological topics:

  • Computer-based speech analysis
  • Prosodic, lexical and semantic analysis
  • Machine learning

My PhD project focuses on investigating inter-individual differences in the brain-behaviour relationship using neuroimaging data. More specifically, I am using naturalistic viewing as a new approach to study differences in the functional organization of the brain. Naturalistic viewing refers to the presentation of naturalistic stimuli (such as movie sequences) during an MRI scan, while the participant's only task is to watch the movie. This sets naturalistic viewing in between unconstrained resting-state and highly controlled task-based approaches, offering new opportunities to study inter-individual variation, predict phenotypes and manipulate brain states.


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