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Kaustubh Patil

Dr. Kaustubh Patil

Leader of the research group “Applied Machine Learning”

Research topics:

  • Multivariate Methods & Machine Learning
  • Brain Mapping & Connectivity
  • Neurobiological disorders such as Parkinsons
  • Cognition and it's biological basis

Broadly, I am mainly interested in understanding biological systems in an algorithmic fashion and develop methods for this purpose. In my current work at the Research Center Juelich, I am focusing on predictive modeling of neurobiological diseases. Especially, the Parkinson’s disease and the Alzheimer’s disease. The aim is to develop machine learning based methods for early diagnosis and disease progression prediction. For this purpose I rely on functional connectivity and structural brain imaging data and a plethora of machine learning methods, especially classification and clustering.
In addition to the research work, I have been serving as referee for several reputed journals and conferences as well as mentoring younger researchers. For example, I have been serving as a reviewer for several scientific journals, including Nat. Methods, Nat. Communications,
PLoS Comp Biol., PLoS One and IEEE TCBB. I have been a member of the scientific program committee for several conferences, including the International Conference on Practical Applications of Computational Biology & Bioinformatics, the Intelligent Data Analysis conference and the Portuguese Conference on Artificial Intelligence.


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