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Susanne Weis

PD Dr. Susanne Weis

Leader of the research group “Brain Variability”

Research topics:

  • Individual Differences
  • Memory and Learning
  • Sex Differences in Functional Brain Organization

Methodological topics:

  • Functional Brain Imaging (fMRI) & Functional Connectivity Analyses
  • Resting State fMRI (rsfMRI)
  • Multivariate Methods & Machine Learning

The main focus of my research is the study of individual differences in general and sex and age differences specifically.
To better understand the structural and functional neural correlates of individual differences I combine neuroimaging data from large samples with machine learning approaches to predict phenotypical variability from resting state brain connectivity and other structural and functional neuroimaging data. In these analyses I’m specifically interested in the moderating influence of age and sex.


Institute of Neuroscience and Medicine (INM-7)
52425 Jülich


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