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Zeppelin NT: Return Flight on Whit Monday

Jülich/Cabauw, 25 May 2012 – Jülich climatologists expect to complete their measurements with the Zeppelin NT in and around Rotterdam this weekend. The return flight to Friedrichshafen is planned to start on Monday. As on the outward flight, there will be a stop for refuelling at Hangelar airfield near Bonn. The Zeppelin NT will then stop overnight in Finthen, a suburb of Mainz, and, after another refuelling stop in Malmsheim, the airship will land in Friedrichshafen the next day. It will take off again from Friedrichshafen for its southern mission over Italy on 8 June.

The scientists are very pleased with the results of the measurement flights so far. Their measurements focus on two main topics: the hydroxyl radical, known as the detergent of the atmosphere, and also aerosols. Data on their formation and their contribution to climatic processes are expected to provide researchers with new insights, amongst others on the atmosphere's ability to cleanse itself.
The campaign is part of the EU large-scale project "PEGASOS", which involves twenty-six partners from a total of fourteen European countries and Israel, and aims to investigate relationships between atmospheric chemistry and climate change. The flight to the Netherlands will be followed in June by other routes across the Alps to Italy and in 2013 through northern Europe to Finland.

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