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Fast Track to Elite Bacteria

Helmholtz Association funds spin-off by Jülich biotechnologists

Jülich, 9 December 2013 – Microorganisms are the workhorses of industrial or ‘white’ biotechnology. They produce active ingredients for drugs, foodstuffs, and chemical substances. The general principle is: the more productive the microorganisms, the more effective the entire industrial process. In order to rapidly find the very best microorganisms, Jülich researchers have developed a procedure that makes highly productive cells glow, thus allowing them to be identified from millions of others. In their spin-off company SenseUp Biotechnology, the researchers now want to bring this technology to market maturity. The project is supported by € 260,000 from the Helmholtz Association in the framework of the funding instrument Helmholtz Enterprise in conjunction with Forschungszentrum Jülich.

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