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Advertising division: IEK-3 - Techno-economic Systems Analysis
Reference number: 2019M-115, Mechanical engineering, automotive engineering, energy technology, physics, computer science

Master thesis: Development of the energy demand of drive architectures for different means of transport

At the Institute for Energy and Climate Research (IEK-3) at Forschungszentrum Jülich, strategies for meeting the Federal Government's greenhouse gas reduction targets are being developed in the department for Techno Economic Energy System Analysis (TSA). These targets include the transport sector, which by 2017 is the only sector to have achieved no reduction compared with the reference year 1990. In order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the transport sector, alternative propulsion systems such as fuel cell-powered and battery-electric vehicles are to be used. A decisive component of the techno economic evaluation of the drive alternatives is a well-founded determination of the vehicle specific energy demand.

Your tasks:
The aim of this work is therefore to develop a model for determining the vehicle specific energy demand. The model should differentiate between the relevant means of passenger and freight transport as well as the possible drivetrain alternatives (conventional, battery electric, fuel cell, etc.). In addition, the future development of the energy demand as well as its dependency on the driving behavior should be mapped. Based on the model developed, scenarios for the total energy demand of the means of transport should then be derived and analysed.

In this context, your tasks essentially comprise:

  • Development of a suitable approach for the vehicle specific determination of the energy demand of means of transport
  • Derivation of the necessary mathematical correlations and data requirements
  • Data research for the required data and input parameters
  • Design and development of a Python-based model for determining the energy demand of means of transport in passenger and freight transport
  • Validation of the model and comparison with the results in the literature
  • Analysis and comparison of possible developments of the total energy demand of the transport sector with the help of scenario technology

Your profile:

  • Very good grades in the fields of mechanical engineering, automotive engineering, energy technology, physics, computer science or related subjects
  • Interest in current energy technology issues
  • Ability to work independently and analytically in a project team
  • Ideally, you already have experience in modeling, programming (preferably in Python)

Our offer:

  • A highly motivated working group in one of the largest research institutions in Europe
  • Excellent scientific and technical infrastructure
  • Intensive support of the work on site
  • The master thesis is remunerated

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