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Wissenschaftsnacht zum Thema “Götterfunken”

From Zeus, Jupiter and Thor – How Meteorology Sees Thunderstorms

28 May 2020
29 May 2020
Münsterplatz Bonn, Germany

The night of science takes place every second year on the Münsterplatz in Bonn and again JOYCE-CF takes place here as well. Topic for this year is: „Spikes of Gods“ - Presentation of convective events (thunderstorms) in and around Bonn.

The Institute for Geoscience Section Meteorology displays insights into the research about extreme events, thunderstorms and more from the last years in and around Bonn. We represent our know-how in measurement instruments and modeling complex developments and evolutions in the atmosphere. These insights deliver a holistic view into well known local extreme events from the past years. Instruments can be visited and show live observations.