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1st Jülich Lecture: Overcoming the Barriers to Exascale through Innovation

Stephen S. Pawlowski (Intel Senior Fellow and General Manager, Datacenter and Connected Systems Pathfinding)

14 Feb 2012 14:00
14 Feb 2012 15:00
Forschungszentrum Jülich, Lecture Hall (Central Library Building 04.7)

In a period of just 20 years, the performance of the world's fastest computers has increased by a factor of one million. Although in the past this was due above all to an increase in the processors’ clock frequency, today the performance of top systems is based on a gigantic number of processors operating in parallel. The next target exascale with a thousand times the performance of current systems requires a paradigm shift. The many millions or billions of processor cores must be synchronized, the reliability of the components must be guaranteed, and new storage technologies are required. A quite decisive part will be played by reducing energy consumption. In his talk, Stephen S. Pawlowski will discuss the unique challenges posed by exascale as well as the laboratory partnerships that Intel is developing in the US and Europe. Amongst others they collaborate closely with Forschungszentrum Jülich and the cluster software vendor Partec in the Exacluster Laboratory at Jülich on developing novel system architectures and software tools to reach exascale.

Please register by 6 February 2012 if you would like to attend.

Video recording – Please note, the Jülich Lecture will be recorded for iTunes University.