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International Conference on Terrestrial Systems Research: Monitoring, Prediction and High Performance Computing

08 Oct 2018
12 Oct 2018

The TERENO Network ( will conduct the 2nd TERENO International Conference from Oct 8-12, 2018 in Berlin (Germany).
The event is intended to provide a platform for young scientists and international experts and highlights the main facets of TERENO research. The conference offers a mix of oral and poster presentations and keynote lectures reflecting on current topics in Earth System Science. In addition, the conference is a place to meet and discuss with TERENO scientists and colleagues from around the world and offers excellent opportunities for formal and informal networking.
Scientists from all disciplines of Earth and Environmental Sciences are cordially invited to attend the conference. The key topics of the conference are:

  1. Relevance of soils in terrestrial matter fluxes - measurements and model concepts
  2. Improving water quality management using new observation and modeling strategies
  3. Modeling the hydrological system – balancing of complexity and uncertainty
  4. Novel Approaches to monitor dynamic events
  5. Biodiversity monitoring: past, presence, future
  6. Remote sensing and ecosystem services
  7. Networking of long-term infrastructures for terrestrial research
  8. Measuring and modeling water storage dynamics
  9. Ecotrons and lysimeters: complementary tools for observation and experimentation on the critical zone
  10. Model-data fusion: Improving predictions and improving process understanding
  11. Soil greenhouse gas exchange - Linking methods, bridging scales
  12. Biogeochemical processes in soil-plant-atmosphere systems
  13. Decadal and centennial variability from high-resolution bio- and geoarchives.
  14. Innovative sensing methods for the critical zone
  15. Management and integration of environmental observation data
  16. Integration of in-situ and remote sensing data for the earth surface-atmosphere system

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