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Theory Seminar & Webinar: Effect of environment on active materials – from cell-surface scattering to polymers in active solutions

Mahdiyeh Mousavi

18 Jun 2020 11:00
Seminar Room 2001, Building 04.16 and by remote access

Weblink: https://zoom.us/j/82651612097


Active processes play a fundamental role in such diverse phenomena as bacteria swimming and DNA organization in biological cells. Specifically, we consider entrapment of E. coli bacteria to address the role of hydrodynamic and steric interactions in this process.  

Our simulations suggest that  entrapment  can be classified into three stages: approach, reorientation, and surface swimming, each of which is affected by hydrodynamics. To address the influence of activity on polymers, we analytically study an active cyclic polymer.

We find that activity implies substantial conformational and dynamical changes. In particular, flexible ring polymer swell with increasing activity, their large-scale fluctuations are enhanced, and their dynamics is accelerated.