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Meet the Jury Seminar

17.01.2019 15:00 Uhr
17.01.2019 16:00 Uhr
Institute of Physics, Celestijnenlaan 200D, Room 06.32

KU Leuven and the Arenberg doctoral school cordially invite you to a special seminar by Prof. Dr. Paul van der Schoot on 17 January at 15:00 at the Institute of Physics (Celestijnenlaan 200D), Room 06.32.

The topic of the seminar is:

Dynamical Landau theory for supramolecular self-assembly

Although pathway-specific kinetic theories are of fundamental importantance to describe and understand the kinetics of reversible polymerisation, they come at a cost of having a large number of system- specific parameters.

We propose an alternative description based a dynamical Landau theory, which drastically reduces the number of parameters and still describes most of the interesting and generic behaviour of the system in hand. We are able to describe hysteresis, vershooting, undershooting and the existence of a lag time before polymerisation takes off, and pinpoint the conditions required for observing these types of phenomena in the assembly and disassembly kinetics.

The advantange of the method is that it can straightforwardly be extended to describe macroscopic phase transition kinetics in this sort of system and the impact of flow.

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