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ICS-3 Group Seminar:

The energy landscape of planar colloidal aggregates in laser-induced external potentials

Erick Sarmiento Gomez, Experimental Soft Matter Group, Heinrich-Heine-University, Dusseldorf, Germany

23 Oct 2018 10:30
23 Oct 2018 11:30
Seminarraum A1-3, Building 04.6, Entrance E1


As a photon interacts with a dielectric particle, produces a force on it, and thus a distribution of light can be seen as a force field that induces changes in the properties of a colloidal suspension.

In this work, the use of the tray tracing approximation to characterize the energy landscape associated with a laser-induced periodical distribution of light is shown with the aim to better understand the effects of a inhomogeneous distribution of light in a monodisperse suspension or in planar spherical aggregates.

As a whole, this methodology can be useful to understand dynamical transition in or out of equilibrium, giving a new insight of the interaction of colloids with laser fields.


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