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MSE Congress 2018: Processing and Synthesis


Materials Science and Engineering Congress - MSE 2018 will take place from 26.-28. of September 2018.

This symposium gives the opportunity to put a focus on this emerging hot topic, attracting a critical mass of German as well as foreign attendants.

The emerging field of temperature dependent electro-chemo-mechanics of solids brings the opportunity to gain novel, energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly, less costly synthesis and processing routes for inorganic materials. External electric and magnetic fields affect solid-state diffusion processes and offer an additional degree of freedom to tailor microstructures and properties:

  • Synthesis and phase formation by solid-state reactions and diffusive phase transformations
  • Densification of particle-based materials and microstructure coarsening (pore elimination and grain growth)
  • Mechanical deformation (plasticity and creep)

The presentation of experimental work, including in-situ characterization, as well as modeling and simulations is encouraged in order to provide a rational, comprehensive knowledge for intentionally using electromagnetic energy to manipulate matter in metals, intermetallics, oxide and non-oxide ceramics as bulk, thin or thick films.


Prof. Olivier Guillon (Forschungszentrum Jülich)

Prof. Rishi Raj (University of Colorado, Boulder)

MSE Congress, Darmstadt, Germany
Presentation (pdf)  Key dates: MSE Congress in Darmstadt 2018: Processing and Synthesis (PDF, 776 kB)
MSE Congress (link)MSE Congress in Darmstadt: Processing and Synthesis