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Labs! Seminar on Active Matter and Swarm Intelligence

25 Mar 2020 11:15
25 Mar 2020 12:00
building 04.16, room 2001

Roland G. Winkler
(Theoretical Soft Matter and Biophysics)

Despite the mature state of statistical thermodynamics, the field of non-equilibirum statistical mechanics remains elusive and difficult. Nonequilibrium systems are abundant in living matter and show intriguing collective behaviour. Prominent examples are microswimmers, such as sperm, bacteria, and thermophoretic swimmers. A similar system is active gels, i.e., mixtures cytoskeletal filaments and molecular motors, that are key components of the cytoskeleton of biological cells. In this talk, you will learn about research on active matter in general and about systems that are studied in the Institute for Theoretical Soft Matter and Biophysics in particular.

Online registration is mandatory and all places are subject to availability; you will receive an email confirmation once your place on the seminar is reserved.

This Labs! event is offered in collaboration with the IFF Spring School.