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Labs! Visit on Dynamic Light Scattering

25 Mar 2020 09:15
25 Mar 2020 10:00
building 04.8, room 220

Jörg Stellbrink
(Neutron Scattering and Soft Matter)

Dynamic Light scattering (DLS), als known as quasi elastic light scattering (QUELS) or photon correlation spectroscopy (PCS), is a spectroscopic technique working in the time domain. The measured auto correlation function of the scattered intensity provides information on the diffusion coefficients Dtrans, Drot, hydrodynamic radius Rh, and polydispersity. Due to its large dynamic range, 12,5ns-1000s, and character- istic length scale, 1/q ~100nm, DLS, is an important technique for characterisation of Soft Matter. Typical appli- cations are colloidal suspensions, macromolecular solutions, or biological systems (virus, proteins, etc), but also internal dynamics of polymer networks or density fluctuations in polymer melts can be analysed.

Online registration is mandatory and all places are subject to availability; you will receive an email confirmation once your place on the seminar is reserved. This lab visit will be offered three times, from 9:15am to 10:00, from 10:15am-11:00am, and from 11:15am to noon. When you register, please pay attention to the starting time.

This Labs! event is offered in collaboration with the IFF Spring School.