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Labs! Workshop on Computing Fluids: Mesoscale Hydrodynamic Simulations

25 Mar 2020 09:15
25 Mar 2020 11:00
building 04.16, room 3001

Anil Kumar Dasanna, Carlos Medina
(Theoretical Soft Matter and Biophysics)

Hydrodynamics of complex systems is important for many applications ranging from motor oil to blood flow. Multi-Particle Collision Dynamics is a particle-based mesoscale hydrodynamics simulation technique to study such systems. In this hands-on lab course, the basics of such simulations will be explained by means of an example program for simple flows. Participants will have the opportunity to modify the source code in order to study the effect of various simulation parameters and to implement modifications of the physical problem. However, programming skills are not a mandatory prerequisite.

Online registration is mandatory and all places are subject to availability; you will receive an email confirmation once your place on the seminar is reserved.

This Labs! event is offered in collaboration with the IFF Spring School.