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First online "Stammtisch" for doctoral researchers by the DocTeam & JuDocs

28 May 2020
28 May 2020

In these special times, what many of us are missing is the broader social contact and company, and especially the company of fellow doctoral researchers with whom you have a mutual understanding about the challenges and rewards of doing research at the moment.

Therefore, we, i.e. the DocTeam and JuDocs, have decided to organize a first "online Stammtisch" of the doctoral researchers of FZJ on Thursday 28th of May at 17:30 through the app called Big Blue Button.

We will exchange and share experiences, interesting or funny stories, possibly play a game, and hope to give each other some new points of view, a moral boost and altogether good company.

Please join us here:

All you need to do it is:

  • grab your drink of choice (if you want)
  • get 2 pieces of paper (10*10 cm or larger, it is not to write on) one in some shade of red and one in some shade of blue (if you want)
  • sit behind the computer, open the link above, put in the access code

Of course not everyone has to participate in the game that we might play or even in the conversations, you can of course also just listen in and enjoy the company. ;-)
We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Your DocTeam & JuDocs