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580th Wilhelm und Else Heraeus - Seminar

Oxide Spintronics: Novel Materials, Transport and Emerging Phenomena

Physikzentrum Bad Honnef, Germany


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Functional oxides play a key role for the future advancement of spintronics, given their broad variety of physical properties (magnetism, multiferroicity, conductivities, etc.). In this unique class in modern materials science, exciting fundamental physics is joined to a huge technological potential.

The complexity in functional oxides poses challenges for experimentalist and theoreticians, ranging from advanced synthesis, characterization to modeling of complex heterostructures, over spectroscopy, functional aspects, interfaces, defects, coupling of electric (magnetic) fields to magnetic (electric) polarization and to non-equilibrium transport.

While many groups worldwide are actively involved in research focused on functional oxides, there are few opportunities focused on the oxide aspects of spinelectronics. The 580. WEH Seminar therefore aims at filling this gap by bringing together different communities: material science, spectromicroscopy, modeling, transport, magnetism and multiferroicity.

Leading experts have been invited to give in-depth talks, where discussions in particular with younger scientists should be very lively and where presentations might also illustrate advanced concepts and methodologies.

The number of participants is limited to around 70, so that early registration is advisable.



Prof. Dr. Martina Müller

Forschungszentrum Jülich
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