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Nanoelectronic Days 2015 "Green-IT"

Main Lecture Hall of Forschungszentrum Jülich (Building 04.7)

The digital revolution has led to rapid growth in data acquisition, traffic and processing with increasing demands placed on energy consumption. IT products already consume more than 10% of the total electric power produced in the western world, making energy-efficient computing a key technology for the sustainable scaling of IT performance.

Nanoelectronics has emerged as an independent and interdisciplinary research field, integrating knowledge, concepts and techniques covering many different spatial and temporal scales. The aim of the 2015 Nanoelectronic Days workshop on “Green-IT” is to bring together leading scientists from around the world to discuss and debate recent achievements and future challenges in energy efficient computing.

The major topics covered by the workshop include both fundamental and applied research, focusing on energy-efficient information technology. Sessions include:
• nanoscale and steep slope devices
• nanoswitches based on oxides and phase change materials
• silicon based photonics and terahertz electronics
• zero power systems
• new architectures and computational concepts

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