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Helmholtz Kolloquium: Helmholtz International Fellow Prof. Andreas Wallraff 

Helmholtz-wide colloquium scheduled on the occasion of the appointment of Prof. Andreas Wallraff (ETH) as Helmholtz International Fellow

13.11.2020 11:00 Uhr
Online Talk

Networking Solid State Quantum Computers


Quantum computing is a radically new approach to processing information. It is one of the approaches which has the potential to address the ever-growing need of society, industry and research for computing power. 

At ETH Zurich, we have designed, realized and tested a first data link which allows superconducting-circuit-based quantum processors located in different systems to directly exchange quantum information [1]. This link, for a quantum computer, takes the role of a network transferring data between computing nodes located in a high-performance computing data center.

However, unlike its conventional counterparts, our data link is operated at ultra-low temperatures, close to the absolute zero. This allows our quantum data link to directly connect to quantum processors operating at the same temperature [2]. The system we have constructed is a first of its kind in the world and could play an important role in growing the power of quantum computers in the future.

[1] P. Magnard et al., arXiv:2008.01642(2020)

[2] P. Kurpierset al., /Nature/ *558*, 264-267 (2018)

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