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PGI Kolloquium: Prof. Dr. Ivette Fuentes, University of Southampton, Southampton, UK

Online Talk

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23.04.2021 11:00 Uhr

Can quantum metrology solve some of the biggest questions in fundamental physics?


The unification of quantum theory and general relativity remains one of the most important open issues in fundamental physics. A main problem is that we are missing experimental input at scales where quantum and relativistic effects coexist. Developing instruments sensitive at these scales might also help answer other big questions, such as the nature of dark energy and dark matter. In this talk, I will present a proposal to use quantum technologies to access new spacetime scales directly.

The detection method uses quantum resonances and the sensitivity of collective quantum excitations (phonons) to gravitational fields. Applications include detecting gravitational waves at high frequencies, miniaturize devices to measure gravitational fields and gradients and set further constrains on dark energy/matter models.

BildInterferometry using phononic modes to detect gravitational effects including gravitational waves, dark energy and dark matter.
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