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PGI Colloquium:

Dr. Philippe Allongue,
Physique de la Matière Condensée, CNRS, École Polytechnique Université Paris-Saclay, France

PGI Lecture Hall, Building 04.8, 2nd Floor, Room 365

17 Apr 2015 11:00

Approaches to control the magnetic properties of ultrathin magnetic films

Magnetic multilayers M/FM/M, with M a noble metal and FM a ferromagnetic material, are the building block of components for data storage and spintronic devices [1]. The recent discovery that the insertion of an oxide layer enables the electrical control of the magnetic anisotropy (via the application of a voltage between the substrate and the top gate electrode) is now prompting intense academic research since electric field effect or magneto-electric coupling (MEC) is of high technological interest.

AllongueCopyright: Dr. Allongue

While the vast majority of studies deal with films grown by physical methods, our group has developed an all electrochemical approach to grow epitaxial FM layers [2] [3] and to investigate their magnetic properties in situ [3,4]. After a brief survey about the electrochemical growth and in situ magnetic characterizations of epitaxial ultrathin films, the talk will focus on the different ways of controlling their magnetization anisotropy energy (MAE) using electrochemical MEC effects of various natures [4] [5].

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