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PGI Colloquium:

Prof. Dr. Andrew Boothroyd,
University of Oxford, United Kingdom

PGI Lecture Hall, Building 04.8, 2nd Floor, Room 365

21 Oct 2016 11:00

Unravelling Complex Order in Quantum Materials

BoothroydCopyright: Prof. Dr. Boothroyd


Condensed matter contains unimaginably large numbers of electrons in close contact. At first sight, therefore, it is quite surprising that the quantum theory of solids, developed in the early part of the 20th century by Bloch and others based on the assumption of independent electrons, has been so successful.

In the last few decades, however, research has uncovered an increasing number of materials whose properties evade description by independent-electron models. These ‘quantum materials’ display non-trivial and often spectacular phenomena that result either from collective electronic behaviour or from geometric properties of the electron states.

In this talk I shall introduce the field of quantum materials and discuss two themes which are becoming increasingly important: ‘emergence’ and ‘topology’. I shall draw upon recent work on unconventional magnetic and superconducting materials, and describe how modern scattering techniques are making it possible to unpick complex ordered phases and identify exotic emergent quasiparticles.


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