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PGI Colloquium:

Prof. Dr. Peter Krogstrup,
University of Copenhagen and Microsoft, Copenhagen, Denmark

PGI Lecture Hall, Building 04.8, 2nd Floor, Room 365

18 Oct 2019 11:00

Engineering electronic hybridization at the atomic scale

BildCopyright: Prof Dr. Krogstrup

Hybrid epitaxial materials has huge potential for the realization of new topologcial states of matter. The actual electronic hybridization depends on the detailed atomic structure which sets both the band structure, band aligment and quality of the materials. I will discuss the hybrid epitaxy of semiconductor/superconductor/magnetic heterostructures with the motivation to engineer low noise hybrid materials with energy bands that are aligned to realize wavefunctions with properties that maximize topological protection. 

We focus on crystal growth by MBE on different III-V semiconducting platforms and discuss the mechanisms of hybrid epitaxy that leads to materials with appropriate band alignments, a key requirement for engineering desired electronic hybridization.


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