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PGI-1 Talk: Dr. Kristof Moors

Transport and bound states in topological material-based multiterminal devices

02 Mar 2020 11:30
PGI lecture hall



I will present the fascinating properties of patterned 3D topological insulator(TI)-based multiterminal devices, such as T-, or Y-junctions. In the first part, I will present the rich magnetoconductance phenomenology of these devices, due to the interplay of the junction geometry, external magnetic field, and spin-momentum locking, offering novel ways to probe their topological surface states with distinct transport signatures.

In the second part, I will discuss the bound state spectrum of such junctions when they are connected to superconducting leads with different phases. These devices have been proposed as basic building blocks of topological qubit architectures, as they are expected to host the elusive Majorana zero mode and allow for the implentation of robust quantum gates via braiding of Majoranas. Furthermore, they are currently being fabricated at the PGI and I will present recent transport measurements and promising measurement schemes for the identification of the bound state spectrum.

Finally, I will comment on extending the modeling approach to various other topological materials, which can readily be integrated in our simulation code (our package under development is based on Kwant and can be found on


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