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Dr. Arkady Fedorov

The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia

Circuit Quantum Electrodynamics for Quantum Control and Measurement

12.01.2018 13:30 Uhr
PGl Lecture Hall, Bld. 04.8, 2. floor, Room 365


Superconducting quantum circuits are artificial structures with a possibility to engineer their key parameters in the fabrication phase and to tune these parameters in situ during measurements. This property has made superconducting circuits to be one of the most promising candidates for quantum computing. In this talk I will underline the main physical mechanisms of these devices and will focus on benefits of circuit quantum electrodynamics (QED) architecture for quantum control and measurement. As an example, I will present how engineering of the dispersive shifts of a superconducting qutrit coupled to a microwave cavity could be used to realize strong projective binary-outcome measurements. In conjunction with the high contrast readout permitted by a parametric amplifier it allowed us to demonstrate contextuality of superconducting circuits, one of the ‘magical’ resources responsible for an exponential speedup of a quantum computer, as well as to realize a random number generator certified with the Kochen-Specker theorem.


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