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Qubit Seminar: Alessandro Ciani

RWTH Aachen University

Equation of motion approach to black-box quantization: taming the multi-mode Jaynes- Cummings model


We consider a transmon qubit coupled to a general linear admittance. Only from the knowledge of the admittance we present a way to obtain a Lindblad master equation in a few effective degrees of freedom. As the qubit degrees of freedom oscillate with a well-defined frequency ωq, the environment only has to be modeled close to this frequency. Different from alternative approaches, we show that this goal can be achieved by a few degrees of freedom, and also the effect of dissipation can be included. In particular, we consider as an example the case in which the admittance is that of a stripline resonator. We derive the parameters of a dissipative single-mode Jaynes-Cummings model starting from first principles. We show that the leading contribution of the off-resonant modes is a correlated decay process involving both the qubit and the resonator mode.


28.11.2018 13:30 Uhr
28.11.2018 14:30 Uhr
PGl, Bld. 04.8, Room 142/143


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