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Focus session @ DPG 2014: Surface Science goes Organic

30 Mar 2014
04 Apr 2014

Organized by:

Stefan Tautz (Forschungszentrum Jülich)

Karsten Reuter (TU München)

Focus Session: "Towards a Quantitative Understanding of Complex Adsorption Structures: Surface Science goes Organic"

With view to important nanotechnological application areas like (opto-)electronic devices, molecular machines, or (stereo)-selective catalysis a rapidly rising number of Surface Science studies addresses the adsorption of organic molecules at metal surfaces. These studies face complexities that largely exceed those posed by the simple, often atomic adsorbates that were predominantly used in the historic development and calibration of many Surface Science techniques and data analysis methods. Challenges include the differential bonding of molecular moieties that lead to complex molecular distortions and substrate relaxation patterns, the increasing role of dispersive interactions that blurs the lines between physisorption and chemisorption, or molecular fragmentation and network formation that riddles spectroscopic analyses.

Substantial effort has been devoted within the past few years to develop new experimental and theoretical techniques capable of quantitatively describing the interface between complex molecules and metal surfaces. This includes the determination of precise adsorption structures at sub-Ångstrom level and adsorption energies with chemical accuracy, the detailed investigation of interaction potentials, and the unravelling of atomistic bonding mechanisms. This symposium will highlight corresponding studies and discuss current frontiers.

Duration:1 Day
Contributions:Invited and contributed talks, poster session in the evening

Invited Speakers:

Prof. Dr. C.T. Campbell, University of Washington (USA) (confirmed)
“Trends in the energies and entropies of adsorbates on single-crystal surfaces”

Prof. Dr. C. Draxl, Humboldt Universität Berlin (D) (confirmed)
Title to be announced

Prof. Dr. G. Held, University of Reading (UK) (confirmed)
“Surface crystallography of organic layers”

Prof. Dr. P. Jakob, Universität Marburg (D) (confirmed)
Title to be announced

Dr. J. E. Ortega, San Sebastian (E) (confirmed)
"Injection/extraction barriers in donor-acceptor blends on metals through core-level spectroscopy"