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Becoming a Parent

As soon as you know you are pregnant

  • Notification of employer (send P-B a copy of the document given to you by your doctor containing medical information related to your pregnancy – i.e. Mutterpass)
  • Calculation of the maternity protection period (proof of the expected date of birth (e.g. copy of your Mutterpass))
  • Assessment of income tax bands
  • Application for maternity allowance (expected and/or actual date of birth of the child; details of your health insurance; details of your pension scheme, particularly pension insurance number; details of your current employment relationship; your bank account details)
  • Preparation of applications for parental leave and parental allowance (read application forms carefully and request necessary documents, if possible)
  • Declaration of paternity and custody if the parents are not married (certificate of descent or birth certificate of the person acknowledging the child as their own or certified copy of the family register; national identity cards or passports of both parents if
    the mother is present to give consent; consent of the mother)
  • Annual leave (remaining annual leave should ideally be taken before parental leave)

Shortly after the birth

  • Child‘s birth certificate/registration of child (national identity card or passport or similar document; parents‘ birth certificates; if the parents are married: marriage certificate or copy of the entry in the marriage register; if the parents are not married: declaration of paternity, declaration of custody if applicable)
  • Application for (family) health insurance (details of your pension scheme; child‘s birth certificate)
  • Issuing of a passport for the child (biometric photo of the child; child‘s birth certificate)
  • Application for child benefit (child‘s birth certificate; proof of the relationship between the child and the person applying for child benefit – the application can be submitted before the birth of the child, but it only becomes valid when the birth certificate has been submitted)

At least 7 weeks before parental leave

  • Application for parental leave (child‘s birth certificate)
  • Application for parental allowance (child‘s birth certificate; proof of income over the 12 months before the birth; proof of daily maternity allowance from the health insurance company; proof of prohibition of employment (maternity protection period) from employer, if applicable)
  • Application for Elterngeld Plus (parental allowance plus) (child‘s birth certificate; detailed proof of income over the 12 months before the birth; proof of payment of maternity allowance (health insurance company); proof of the employer‘s contribution to the maternity allowance (employer); confirmation of the planned working hours during receipt of parental allowance (employer); personal declaration on planned working hours)

During the first years of the child's life

  • Registration with a childcare facility (depends on the type of facility)
  • Returning to work


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