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Information on the options available for combining work with caregiving responsibilities and on the types of assistance that can be utilized.

Services for Employees

Advice and Contacts

When an acute caregiving situation arises, if not before, employees will need information on the options available to them for combining work with their caregiving responsibilities and on the types of assistance they can utilize. The Equal Opportunities Bureau provides advice on the general framework conditions as well as on support available at Forschungszentrum Jülich.
In addition, Social Counselling provides advice in acute situations and helps employees make decisions in difficult situations. Social Counselling also supports employees during the caregiving period, which can often be long and quite demanding.

Statutory regulations on caregiver leave (Presentation Marcel Petermann- in German) (Intranet)

Information Events and Talks

The Equal Opportunities Bureau, together with Social Counselling, organizes series of talks, which may have preventive effects. For this purpose, external experts are invited to Forschungszentrum Jülich. The dates of upcoming talks are always available on the intranet pages of the Equal Opportunities Bureau. The dates of upcoming talks are always available on the intranet pages of the Equal Opportunities Bureau.

Caregivers Group

Social Counselling has set up a group for Jülich employees who care for close relatives in addition to working. Group members are kept up to date with information on various topics concerning caregiving. They can learn from each other, talk about how they deal with difficult situations, and ask for advice.

Flexible Working Hours and Place

Having to split your time often creates a double burden. It is advantageous to be able to react flexibly to the unexpected and reorganize working hours at short notice.


Teleworking improves the reconciliation of work and family life. Employees have the option of working some of their hours from home. In a fixed-term teleworking agreement, weekly working hours are clearly defined. Employees must spend at least 20 % of this time working on site. Employees can terminate their teleworking agreement with 4 weeks’ notice.
Teleworking is open to employees raising children or caring for a close relative (certified care grade not necessary).

Ad hoc teleworking

Ad hoc teleworking is similar to teleworking in that it allows employees to work some of their hours from home. Ad hoc teleworking can be utilized for a limited period and need only be approved by the employee’s boss.

Caregiver Leave

Caregiver leave allows employees to take time off work or reduce their working hours to care for close relatives in
need of care at home.

Offers for executives

More and more heads of organizational units are becoming aware of the importance of caregiving as a topic for many employees. Senior employees are also central in implementing measures that allow caregivers to balance the demands of work and family. The Equal Opportunities Bureau offers advice to senior employees on this area, for instance by organizing information sessions on the topic of family-friendly corporate policy in day-to-day management, during which senior employees can also discuss their concerns and make suggestions for improvements.


Equal Opportunities Bureau (BfC)

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