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Call for Abstracts

Participants are invited to submit abstracts as contributions for this event. The Abstract must demonstrate that the proposed presentation includes high quality research, development, design or manufacturing work and that it is relevant to fusion applications. Contributions related to any of the conference topics may be submitted for presentation as invited, oral or poster.

Abstract submission will start December 16, 2014.
Deadline for submission is March 13, 2015.

Due to the tight reviewing schedule, NO EXTENSION of this deadline will be granted!

Abstract format

The requested format for the submitted abstract is a standard PDF file. Details of the preferred format are described below.
A Word file may be submitted too in case that no pdf file is applicable.

For abstract preparation you may use the icfrm17-abstract-template.

The page setup is A4 with a top margin of 4.00 cm, and a 2.54 cm margin on left, right, and bottom of the page. The body of the abstract should be in Times Roman 12 point type with single line spacing. Use justified margins. Please define acronyms when they are first used. A single space following a period works best. The title of the abstract should be bold in Times Roman 14 point type and the affiliations italic in 12 point type.
Your abstract length is limited to 1 page. Any extra pages will be deleted when printing the Book of Abstracts for the conference. Abstracts are to be text only, without figures, tables or references, and must fit on a single page in the required format. This will allow a maximum length of approximately 350 words.

Abstract submission

To submit your abstract please use the online abstract submission and enable cookies in your internet browser for all login and submission steps.


In order to submit an abstract for ICFRM International Conference at first you have to create an author account. You will receive your personal login details via Email.

After your login you will be guided through the following submission steps:

  1. Step - authors indications
  2. Step - abstract topic
  3. Step - abstract titel/text and file upload
  4. Step - Preview/Save

Please save every session before leaving the system otherwise all changes will be undone!

Link to: Online Abstract Submission ICFRM17 International Conference


Manuscripts of the invited presentations and of selected oral and poster contributions will be published after regular peer-reviewing. Details will be announced as soon as possible.

All efforts will be towards a publication of the accepted manuscripts within approximately ONE YEAR after the conference. Therefore, strict deadlines for manuscript submission, reviewing and manuscript revision will apply.

Additional Information


For questions regarding the scientific program please contact:

Conference Email:

For organizational questions please contact the conference service:

Beate Schmitz
Consultant Events and Marketing
Tel.: +49 2461 61-3838