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K1 - B. Bigot Progress Towards Fusion at ITER - The Key Role of MaterialsPDF
K2 - T. DonnéMaterials Research in the European Fusion RoadmapPDF

Plenary Talks

P1 - T. HiraiUse of Tungsten Material for the ITER DivertorPDF
P2 - G. PintsukResearch needs and critical issues for divertor components in ITER and DEMOPDF
P3 - J. MarianRecent Research Highlights in BCC Alloys: Fundamental Modeling and MicrostructurePDF
P4 - S. J. ZinkleBachu Narain Singh: Enduring Impact on Radiation Damage PhysicsPDF
P5 - A. KimuraODS Steels: Recent Progress and Justification for Significant In-vessel ApplicationsPDF
P6 - L. TanRAFM Steels: Status and Enhancement for High-Temperature PerformancePDF
P7 - J. M. ChenMaterial development for ITER TBM and beyond in ChinaPDF
P8 - R. J. KurtzHigh Dose Helium & DPA Effects: New Insights on Microstructure & Property Evolutions in RAFM Steels & Nanostructured Ferritic AlloysPDF
P9 - J. KnasterIFMIF, the European-Japanese efforts under the broader approach agreement towards a Li(d,xn) neutron source: Current status and future optionsPDF
P10 - J. MayerElectron Microscopy: Scale Bridging AnalysisPDF

Invited Talks

I11 - J. ReiserTungsten (W) foil laminates for structural divertor applicationsPDF
I12 - J. RieschChemical deposited tungsten fibre-reinforced tungsten - The way to a mock-up for divertor applicationPDF
I14 - Y. DaiDeformation mechanisms of ferritic/martensitic steels after irradiation to a wide dpa and helium range in spallation neutron targetsPDF
I21 - T. HiroseEffects of High Dose Neutron Irradiation on Reduced-activation Ferritic/Martensitic SteelsPDF
I22 - W. JacobRAFM Steels as an Option for a Plasma-facing Material at the first Wall of DEMOPDF
I23 - L. SneadMechanical Properties and Microstructures of Neutron-Irradiated TungstenPDF
I24 - B. UnterbergImpact of seeding impurities on ITER plasma-facing materialsPDF
I32 - Y. ZayachukThe relationship between localized mechanical properties and hydrogen-induced modification in tungstenPDF
I33 - J. P.AllainIn-situ characterization of extreme refined and porous radiation-resistant tungsten materialsPDF
I34 - M. RiethThe impact of materials R&D on the operation of a water-cooled DEMO divertor ... and vice versaPDF
I35 - F. GarnerUse of self-ion irradiation to study the relative swelling response of a wide range of ferritic-martensitic alloys and ODS variants of such alloysPDF
I36 - S. RogozhkinNanostructure evolution in ODS steels under ion irradiationPDF
I53 - Y. OsetskyHe-vacancy defects in Fe: Equilibrium and hardening mechanismsPDF
I61 - F. ArbeiterDesign description and validation results for the IFMIF High Flux Test Module as outcome of the EVEDA phasePDF
I64 - V. KrsjakPositron annihilation research on ferritic/martensitic steel irradiated under mixed spectrum of high energy protons and spallation neutronsPDF
I71 - P. VladimirovMultiscale modeling of beryllium in fusion environmentPDF
I72 - N. GhoniemMultiscale-Multiphysics Modeling of The FW/Blanket of the U.S. Fusion Nuclear Science Facility (FNSF)PDF
I81 - D. TerentyevHardening in Fe-Cr alloys under neutron irradiation: effects of segregation and defect spatial distributionPDF
I82 - T. YamamotoConstitutive, Damage and Plasticity Laws for Candidate Fusion AlloysPDF


T1 - M. Q. TranEverything you always wanted to know about fusion rectors, but were afraid to askPDF
T2 - A. MoeslangOverview on Fusion Structural Material OptionsPDF
T3 - A. KimuraFundamentals of Fusion Material Radiation EffectsPDF
T4 - S. W. LisgoPlasma-Wall Interaction (PWI) and Plasma Facing Components (PFC)PDF
T5 - R. E. StollerComputational Theory and Modeling Relevant to Fusion Reactor MaterialsPDF
T6 - R. WennigerConceptual Design Development for a Demonstration Fusion Power ReactorPDF