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ICFRM-17 Proceedings

The proceedings of ICFRM-17 will be published in the new online journal Nuclear Materials & Energy:

published by Elsevier Ltd.

The submission procedure and further paper handling is fully electronically via the EVISE paper management system provided by Elsevier Ltd. Please refer to the instructions of Nuclear Materials & Energy preparing your manuscript.

To submit your manuscript, please go to the NME website. Click on "Submit Your Paper" will bring you to the EVISE paper management system. Please use your existing EVISE account to login or create a new one. Click "Home", then "Start New Submission". Please select "SI: ICFRM-17" in the issue selection dropdown menu, "Research Paper" as the article type and proceed with the submission.

After a successful submission, the current status of your paper in the EVISE system will be "With Editor" and you will receive an email message with the following subject line: "Submission NME_2015_** received by Nuclear Materials and Energy".

While submitting your paper in the EVISE system, you may see the following message on the "Article Processing Charge":

Article Processing Charge
This journal charges an open access fee which needs to be met by the authors or their research funders.
The open access fee and available user licenses for this journal can be found here:
Please confirm below that you agree to pay this fee if your manuscript is accepted for publication.*

This message appears solely for technical reasons. Please rest assured that the conference fee already covers the publication of one paper if the ICFRM-17 proceedings. However, for technical reasons, please confirm the above message and proceed with the submission.


The deadline for the manuscript submission is extended to 16 November 2015!

Nuclear Materials & Energy is the first full open access journal in the field of materials for fusion and fission applications. Both the overall call for open access publications by several funding bodies, and the trend towards electronic publishing, motivated this change in publication policy. In addition to full open access (immediately and unlimited, permanently free of charge, according to the CC-BY license),

the following advantages over the hitherto existing proceedings are achieved:

  • increased page limit of 6 pages for contributed papers and 12 pages for a limited number of invited/plenary articles, providing space for all details and scientific discussions
  • no “S” page numbers or other earmarks to the articles, indicating supplementary (proceedings) issues
  • no splitting of the ICFRM proceedings into two journals, one journal for the proceedings only
  • fast publication: articles will be online available shortly after acceptance by the guest editors

The same rigorous refereeing as usual applies also to these proceedings: All papers are reviewed by at least two referees. Only original work not previously published is accepted.

The ICFRM-17 editorial board strictly aims at finalizing the proceedings one year after the conference. As a consequence, all authors contributing to the ICFRM-17 proceedings are expected to serve as reviewers during the evaluation process.

The conference fee includes one manuscript submission per each registered participant. For any additional manuscript submitted as part of an additional conference contribution an extra fee of 450 EUR will be charged. After submission we will issue a separate invoice, clearly stating the amount as publication costs.