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The 8th International Symposium on Functional Materials 

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Welcome to the 8th ISFM 2018

The 8th International Symposium on Functional Materials (ISFM 2018) will be held at RWTH Aachen University in Germany
from 20 – 23 August 2018.

The symposium accounts for the tremendous growth of the field of Advanced Functional Materials in recent years. Various advanced and multifunctional devices have been developed and manufactured which stimulate design of novel devices that fully make use of the functionalities of different types of materials. ISFM 2018 aims to promote fundamental and advanced research work in the fields of solid-state physics, materials chemistry, nano-science and engineering with applications in the branches of solar cells, fuel-cells, electrolyzers, batteries, sensors, multi-ferroic devices, magneto-optics, thermoelectrics, shape-memory materials, as well as many other related advanced functional materials.
Objective of ISFM 2018 is to provide academia and industry a platform to exchange recent advances in the fields of functional materials. The aim of ISFM 2018 is to enable and foster discussion and exchange of cutting edge ideas between fundamental science and engineering aspects in the interdisciplinary domain of material science. ISFM 2018 hence attempts to share the latest innovations, advances, and future multidisciplinary research and development of functional materials with primary focus on the connection between fundamental science and engineering applications. ISFM 2018 also provides an opportunity for promoting mutual research activities by establishing fruitful research and business relationships, as well as to enable information dissemination and exchange. The symposium will also provide a platform for researchers to find global partners for future collaboration on advanced, state-of-the-art functional materials research.

The 8th ISFM covers but is not limited to the following Conference Topics:

  • New Materials for Energy Harvesting, Storage and Conversion
  • Optical, Electronic, Magnetic Materials
  • Memory Materials
  • Smart and Intelligent Materials
  • Composite and Hybrid Materials
  • Micro- and Nano-Architectured Materials
  • Thin Film Materials
  • Ceramic and Glass-Ceramic Materials
  • Environmental friendly Materials
  • Polymeric Materials
  • Advanced Methods for In-Situ / In-Operando Characterization of Functional Materials
  • Advanced Methods for Online Analytics of Functional Materials

    A large number of participants that include scientists, engineers, educators and students from all over the world will be joining this event. Particular focus is given to students, who will benefit from a dedicated Tutorial on Advanced In-Situ and In-Operando Characterization in the field of functional materials, as well as from Lab-Visits to State-of-the-Art Research Infrastructures at RWTH Aachen University and Forschungszentrum Jülich.

    Call for Papers: Selected conference contributions will be published in Functional Materials Letters

Partners and Sponsors

Jülich Aachen Research Alliance
JARA Energy
RWTH- Aachen
FZJ 160