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Friday, 14 June 2019

Lecture theatre of Forschungszentrum Jülich (Building 04.7)

Twelve talks, 20 minutes each will be presented by advanced doctoral fellows from IEK and ZEA-2.

 Detailed Programme HITEC 2019 (PDF, 2 MB)

Topics of the doctoral presentations are

Molten salt shielded synthesis (MS3) of oxidation prone materials
(Apurv Dash, IEK-1)
Complex rust – corrosion mechanisms and protection of materials at high-temperatures
(Timur Galiullin, IEK-2)
Integration of Waste Heat into Existing Building Energy Systems
(Dominik Hering, IEK-10)
Disposal concept for radioactive mercury waste from nuclear facilities
(Larissa Klaß, IEK-6)
3D Plasmas at High Pressure – How Stellarators React to High Performance Operation
(Alexander Knieps, IEK-4)
Development of an advanced Neutron Detector
(Shashank Kumar, ZEA-2)
Integrated governance for the food-energy-water nexus: an important step towards a more efficient management of natural resources
(Carolin Märker, IEK-STE)
Stratospheric water vapour and circulation in a changing climate
(Liubov Poshyvailo, IEK-7)
Solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) interconnect materials: Unveiling the rest of the story using nano-scale characterization
(Ashok Vayyala, ZEA-3)
From eigenmodes to biogenic emissions – how to account for uncertainties in atmospheric models?
(Annika Vogel, IEK-8)
Tackling the Terawatt Challenge – Iron as a Battery Material
(Henning Weinrich, IEK-9)
Solar driven water splitting – a scale up story
(Katharina Welter, IEK-5)

The three best talks will be selected by the members of the HITEC Advisory Board and the speakers will be awarded with a prize for excellent scientific communication.

Location and Time Schedule

VenueLecture theatre, Building 04.7 (ZB)
Forschungszentrum Jülich
On-Site Registration11:45
Symposium12:15 - 17:20
Break17:20 - 18:30
HITEC Summer Party at Kuba Jülich18:30
HITEC Communicator Award Ceremony18:45

Additional Information


or questions concerning the symposium please contact:

Dr. Maurice Nuys
Managing Director HITEC
Tel. +49 2461 61-9733


Saskia Nieke
HITEC Office
Tel. +49 2461 61-8811


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