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PSMR 2013 / 4th Jülich MR-PET Workshop

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PSMR 2013 / 4th Jülich MR-PET Workshop

Current Status of Instrumentation and Application / Future Developments

Thank you for participating in PSMR 2013 / 4th Jülich MR-PET Workshop in Aachen! - The group picture is now online! -

After the most successful MR-PET workshop PSMR2012 on ELBA in May last year it was our pleasure to invite you to Juelich – more precisely – to Aachen to share your experiences, questions and ideas on MR-PET with your colleagues.

Once again the program offered the whole spectrum of topics related to MR-PET and MR-SPECT in small animal, brain, and whole-body imaging from instrumentation, methodology, applications to bimodal tracers. As during the previous workshops there has been ample time for discussions.

We hope you had a succesful workshop time in Aachen and enjoyed your stay.

Your PSMR2013 Organizing Committee

PSMR 2013 group pictureCopyright: Forschungszentrum Jülich