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Ground-based Active and Passive Microwave Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere

JOYCE-CF Summer School 2019

JOYCE-CF was pleased to host a summer school for doctoral and advanced master's students interested in ground-based microwave remote sensing. The course is took place from 2 - 6 September 2019 at the University of Bonn, Germany.

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Selected Topics

  • Polarimetric radar and sensor synergy for retrieving rain and snow
  • Ground-based passive microwave remote sensing
  • Synergistic cloud remote sensing
  • Boundary-layer studies, wind profiling
  • Satellite validation by ground-based instrumentation


  • Domenico Cimini (CNR-IMAA)
  • Susanne Crewell (U. Cologne)
  • Volker Lehmann (DWD)
  • Ulrich Löhnert (U. Cologne)
  • Dmitri Moisseev (U. Helsinki)
  • Mariko Oue (Stony Brook U.)
  • Alexander Ryzhkov (NOAA)
  • Dirk Schüttemeyer (ESA)
  • Clemens Simmer (U. Bonn)
  • Silke Trömel (U. Bonn)
  • Dave Turner (NOAA)

Target group

The summer school provided a mix of lectures and practical exercises.

JOYCE-CF Summer School programme

Programme details and schedule may be subject to change and will be updated.


Bernhard Pospichal, University of Cologne

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Summer School 2019

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