Instrumente TEM

Aberration corrected transmission electron microscopes


The FEI Titan G3 50-300 PICO is a double spherical aberration corrected and chromatic aberration corrected (S)TEM alongside with a monochromator, two electron biprisms and a direct electron detector after a post column energy filter. It allows a spatial resolution below 50 pm in both TEM and STEM modes.

FEI Company Inc.

The FEI Titan G2 80-200 ChemiSTEM is a probe-corrected analytic STEM equipped with a quadrant segmented detector, a Super-X EDS and a Dual EELS system.

FZ Jülich, ER-C

The FEI Titan G2 60-300 HOLO is an image-corrected TEM equipped with a wide pole piece gap, cryo-blades, a direct electron detector, as well as two to three electron biprisms. It is designed for in situ TEM, magnetic imaging and biological imaging studies.

FZ Jülich, ER-C

The FEI Titan 80-300 STEM is a probe-corrected STEM equipped with a monochromator and a post column energy filter system.

FZ Jülich, ER-C

The FEI Titan 80-300 TEM is an image-corrected TEM designed for high resolution TEM imaging studies.

Transmission electron microscopes

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The Tecnai G2 F20 is a versatile (S)TEM optimized for imaging at medium resolution in both TEM and STEM modes as well as for performing chemical analysis using either EDS or EELS.

FZ Jülich, ER-C

Zeiss Libra 120 TEM

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