Jülich Plant Science Seminar (JPSS) – Hanna Schneider - Root Phenotypes for Crop Improvement

Einladung zum Jülicher Pflanzenwissenschaftlichen Seminar (JPSS) - Hanna Schneider (JPSS/BioSC Lecture)

08.04.2024 12:00 Uhr
08.04.2024 13:00 Uhr
IBG-2: Plant Sciences, building 06.2, room 406 – large seminar room, 2nd floor

Kontakt: Hanna Schneider

Abstract: Hannah Schneider is a group leader at the Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research (IPK) and a Professor of Root Sciences at the University of Göttingen. Her work focuses on phenotyping, physiology, and genetic control of root anatomical and architectural traits. Her research aims to leverage high-throughput phenotyping to create knowledge about plant function at the physiological level and use forward genetics approaches to unravel the genetic architecture of root traits. The overall goal is to understand the function and genetic control of root traits in specific environments with the aim of enhancing soil resource capture and plant performance. Her seminar will discuss several root architectural and anatomical traits for drought, nitrogen, and compaction stress tolerance. 

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