Jülich Plant Science Seminar (JPSS) – Ingo Ensminger - Drone based phenotyping of phenology and drought stress

Einladung zum Jülicher Pflanzenwissenschaftlichen Seminar (JPSS) - Ingo Ensminger: University of Toronto

06.11.2023 13:00 Uhr
06.11.2023 14:00 Uhr
IBG-2: Plant Sciences, building 06.2, room 406 – large seminar room, 2nd floor


The field of forest genomics has seen unprecedented advances during the past decade. A suite of genomic resources is now available for enhanced genomic selection. These resources can be used to accelerate breeding cycles and to select genotypes that are better adapted and more resilient to future climate change and diseases. The large-scale phenotyping of populations has become the bottleneck for identifying and connecting the different genomic resources with adaptive traits in populations with thousands of trees. Measuring leaf optical properties using spectral reflectance sensors carried by remotely piloted aircraft systems (drone systems) represent an innovative approach for large-scale phenotyping of tree responses to drought, monitor phenology, and assess differences between tree genotypes in large-scale field experiments.

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