Future Manufacturing Technologies (FMT) visiting IEK-2

15.11.2022 08:00 Uhr
15.11.2022 15:00 Uhr

FMT is a multi-disciplinary research group from University of Oulu (Finland) that works as a part of Kerttu Saalasti Institute. The group's operation focuses on transferring the best properties of metallic materials as superior factors in final products, using cost-effective production methods. The research group’s activities are based on utilizing the most recent manufacturing technologies and materials in design and fabrication of lightweight and robust structures. They cover various topics in advanced manufacturing technologies from the efficient utilization of special steels to cost-effective production automation and additive manufacturing.

The Research Director Dr. Antti Järvenpää and members of his team Dr. Atef Hamada and Mr. Matias Jaskari will present the recent projects and research activities at FMT, and they will discuss the potential opportunities to establish projects- and research-based partnership with IEK-2.

The presentations will be hold in hybrid form and open to all the colleagues of IEK-2 willing to participate. For the conference link, please contact Dr. Tarek Allam.




Title of the presentation


Seminar Room 1

Mr. Matias Jaskari

"Fatigue properties and performance of LPBF AISI 316L"


Seminar Room 1

Dr. Atef Hamada

"Surface modification processes for additively manufactured metallic materials in FMT"

Research Director Dr. Antti Järvenpää (FMT)
Dr. Atef Hamada (FMT)
Matias Jaskari (FMT)

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