Laufende Ph.D., Bachelor und Master Thesen

in Kooperation mit JCNS-2


  1. Thoma, Henrik
    Germanium-based multiferroic compounds with melilite structure
    Ph.D. Thesis, since July 2018


  2. Jana, Subhadip
    Magnetic Structure and Transport Properties of doped Weyl Semimetals Mn3Sn
    Ph.D. Thesis, since March 2019

  3. Ding, Qi
    Simulation of transport processes for accelerator-driven neutron sources
    Ph.D. Thesis, since November 2019

  4. Schwab, Alexander
    Entwicklung und Bau eines Kryostaten für einen kompakten kryogenen Neutronenmoderator zum Betrieb bei Temperaturen unterhalb von 10 K
    Ph.D. Thesis, since November 2019

  5. He, Suqin
    Topotactic phase transitions for neuromorphic behavior
    Ph.D. Thesis, since November 2019


  6. Hakala, Branislav
    High-pressure, high-temperature studies on low-valent vanadium oxides
    Ph.D. Thesis, since January 2020

  7. Shahed, Hend
    Elucidation of caloric effects in spin-crossover compounds
    Ph.D. Thesis, since October 2020


  8. Ophoven, Niklas
    Measurement of prompt gamma-rays induced by inelastic scattering of fission neutrons with the FANGAS Instrument
    Ph.D. Thesis, since January 2021

  9. Nasser, Amal
    Superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles for theranostics
    Ph.D. Thesis, since February 2021

  10. Tang, Mengying
    Proximity effects in superconductor/ferromagnet thin film heterostructures
    Master’s Thesis, since October 2021


  11. de Oliveira Lima, Vitor Alexandre
    Proximity effects in superconductor/ferromagnet thin film heterostructures with in-plane texture
    Ph.D. Thesis, since January 2022

  12. Schmidt, Norberto
    Time-of-flight cold and thermal neutron imaging for the High Brilliance Neutron Source
    Ph.D. Thesis,  since March 2022

  13. Yin, Chenyang
    Tuning the physical properties of transition metal complex oxides via oxygen off-stoichometry
    Ph.D. Thesis,  since August 2022

  14. Nazzal, Shatha
    Magnetocaloric Effect (MCE)
    Master’s Thesis, since August 2022

  15. Xu, Yifan
    All Oxide Switching with Magnetite: tuning ionic diffusion and phase transitions at the heterostructure interface
    Ph.D. Thesis, since September 2022

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