Support and Networking

Individual onboarding

To ensure a smooth start at Jülich, we offer an individual onboarding programme for all new YIG leaders within the first month of their stay at Jülich. You will receive relevant information about the institution and the YIG programme and you will get in touch with relevant people who may be helpful throughout your time as a YIG leader. During the onboarding talk we not only will give you information, but also want to get to know your needs for a successful career at Jülich and beyond to shape an individual training programme for you and your peers.

Continuous support

Because needs change over time, you will have plenty of opportunity to state your needs throughout your time as a YIG leader. We offer annual talks where you can discuss your progress and needs (including any changes) for the coming year(s).

Information relevant to you and your peers will be spread via a mailing list where you can also for instance share your success story or invite your peers to lectures and seminars.

Additionally, we are able to coordinate your evaluation process. Since we would love to stay in touch with you even after you leave Jülich or to get you in touch with former YIG leaders, we are also working to create a lively alumni network.

Networking and self-presentation

To give you broad opportunities to build up your own network at Forschungszentrum Jülich, we offer several different networking events.

Once a year the Board of Directors invites all YIG leaders to lunch. Here you have the opportunity to get in touch with the board directly and present your research project to them and your peers.

To share the details about your project among Jülich’s scientific community, the Scientific and Technical Council invites all YIG leaders within their first year to present their project and first findings in an open lecture.

Scientific and technical Council (WTR)

To connect with your peers we offer networking lunches several times per year, beginning with a brief input workshop on relevant topics or project issues by peers and ending with a broad discussion amongst each other. You can also attend seminars offered by your peers. To keep you informed on all the relevant things going on with your peers and at Jülich, we coordinate an interactive mailing list, where information is shared.

Upcoming networking events (Intranet)

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